IFS Therapy Saskatoon

Internal Family Systems therapy is a gentle yet powerful approach to heal trauma and treat the anxiety, depression, anger and panic that is rooted in trauma.

IFS therapy helps people:

  • Understand what is going inside you when thoughts and feelings are a mystery
  • Become more self-aware
  • Take the pain out of past memories and leave the hurt behind
  • Let go of shame and negative beliefs
  • Grow in self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Reduce overwhelm, stress and panic
  • Give you tools to manage your own stress and fear

IFS therapy is an evidence based approach that can successfully treat depression, anxiety, phobias, panic, and low-self esteem.  It is a gentler approach to trauma therapy that can work faster than other approaches.  If you have found that conventional talk therapy doesn’t go deep enough or that your emotions overwhelm your coping strategies than IFS is a great option.  Like other trauma centered approaches the goal is heal, not just cope with the symptoms of trauma and deep emotional wounds.  In that healing people feel a shift where they don’t react to triggers like they used to and they aren’t overwhelmed by seemingly random circumstances.  That inner critic in your brain has learned it doesn’t have to be so harsh with you.

IFS therapy helps you tap in to your own source of compassion, courage and curiosity for yourself and others helping you be the person you want to be.

Leighton Tebay | IFS Therapist

I’m Leighton Tebay, a Level 1 IFS Therapist and I’d love the opportunity to help you get free of trauma and find out how good life can be.  IFS therapy is at the core of my approach to therapy and I have over 4 years experience using it with my clients.  To make the online therapy experience as good as possible I use a high quality camera, lighting and microphone.  You can book online with my convenient online booking system.

The cost is $135 / session and I’m also a provider with the Open Path Collective for lower-income people.

I am a Canadian Certified Counselor and qualify for most benefit plans.  If you have any questions feel free to call, text or email me.  You can find out more about me here.

I am located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and operate on Central Standard Time year round.   I’m also available online.

Click here to reach out or book online and lets see how I can help.