Autism Counselling in Saskatoon and Online

Living with Autism can be difficult.

Often you have to push yourself again and again just to fit in.  It gets exhausting having to mask all the time. This leads to feeling burnt out wanting everything to stop.

It is hard to find a comfortable place between the overstimulation of being with people and the need for friendship and connection.

Then there is the struggle managing emotions living with over stimulation and under stimulation.

Living in a world that was not designed for you can be hard.  Self-esteem and self-worth can be a struggle when it seems impossible to meet other’s expectations.

At Cairis Counselling you will find therapists that have walked with people with Autism in their personal and professional lives.  Alexandria Kennedy specializes in helping people with Autism and ADHD thrive in a world that does not always work for them.

You do not need a diagnosis of Autism to start with us.

Here is how we help those with Autism:

We listen with curiosity and compassion. Our goal is to understand your situation from your perspective so that you feel heard and believed.

For those curious about their autistic traits, we can help you explore and understand what you are going through. It helps have someone validate what you are going through instead of minimizing or discounting it.

We provide the tools that can help you avoid the burnout that happens when you tap all your energy trying to understand others and be understood.

We highlight the tools you are using and offer helpful tips and strategies for managing emotional and sensory overwhelm.  For those that have a tough time understanding their own feelings we help you see the cues for emotions, so you can react before your overwhelmed.

We help our clients see their own strengths and grow in self-acceptance and self-compassion. You offer something unique and valuable to the world.  We affirm your value while helping to make the lifestyle changes that will support you moving forward.

Alexandria is no stranger to neurodivergence.  She has experience with Autism, ADHD, and other expressions of neurodivergence in her personal and professional life.   She is a Certified Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist and has a heart for those trying to make their way in a world that was not designed for them.  She uses a blend of strategies that attend to the practical realities of Autism while addressing deeper struggles with self-acceptance and self-worth.

You can find out more about her here.

She helps adults, children over 10 and parents navigate life with Autism Spectrum Disorder or those who suspect they have ASD but have not yet been diagnosed.  No official diagnosis is required.

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