About the counsellor: Leighton Tebay

I have walked with people for many years mentoring and coaching people through new challenges and difficult life circumstances. This was always as a volunteer while doing I.T. consulting to pay the bills. After twenty years as an IT consultant I decided to shift to a new career. Taking some time to consider which paths to explore I talked to his friends and many of them assumed that I would just become a mental health counsellor because I had been such a supportive friend and mentor.

Through my non-profit work I supported many abuse survivors. Most notably spiritual abuse survivors but also domestic abuse survivors. I learned the best way to support people was to hone my listening ear and be a safe harbour in difficult times. Through compassion, understanding and genuine care I’ve helped many people recover and heal. For some I played more of a coaching role helping people get the most out of life. I found that most people have the skills to thrive and heal, they need someone to believe in them and treat them like they matter.

My Approach

My approach is client centered, warm, personable, patient and kind. The primary techniques learned in the Briercrest program are Narrative Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy with a heavy grounding in attachment theory. I also incorporate Internal Family Systems and Mindfulness practice. For those clients who would prefer it I can incorporate spirituality.

The name Cairis stems from the ancient Greek word for grace. The name reflects the goal to affirm the value of every person unconditionally and to work for their benefit. By affirming the dignity and worth of every individual we facilitate growth and healing.