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Healing starts with one small step

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Cairis Counselling Saskatoon Therapy for trauma, anxiety, depression and more

Cairis Counselling helps clients:

  • Recover from abuse and neglect
  • Heal Trauma, recover from PTSD and Complex PTSD
  • Help those with ADHD and Autism and their caregivers
  • Let go of unhelpful fears and anxiety
  • Heal the sources of pain that fuel insecurity and depression
  • Get free of unwanted habits
  • Find self-worth and inner strength
  • Anger management
  • Help navigating relationships
  • Let go of shame
  • Find a way through grief and loss
  • Grow in self-compassion and self-acceptance

At Cairis Counselling you’ll find a safe atmosphere where all are treated with dignity and respect.

Healing starts with one small step!

Our Approach to Counselling

At Cairis you’ll find:

  • A gentle approach to therapy that is sensitive and understanding
  • Therapists committed to ongoing training and personal development
  • A safe place for people from all walks of life
  • Evidence based practices
  • Everyone is valued and respected regardless of their past
  • Trauma informed therapy

Our counselors.

Alexandria Kennedy helps clients with anxiety, depression, trauma and grief.  She specializes in helping people with ADHD, Autism, chronic illness and anyone who struggles find a way to fit in a world that doesn’t seem designed for them.

Leighton Tebay works to heal trauma and emotional wounds to bring relief to depression, anxiety, addiction and difficult to control anger.  His calm, gentle approach is  great for those who have suffered abuse, neglect, and those weighed down by thoughts and feelings of not being good enough.

It’s time to find out how good life can be.

Our counsellors

Alexandria Kennedy MC

Do you feel like a failure because you don’t quite fit in this world?  Do you feel guilt and shame because you can’t keep up with the expectations?  Is life just a little too overwhelming?  I specialize in helping those who feel stuck in patterns that bring frustration and shame.

You might be diagnosed with ADHD, Autism or just feel like you are struggling to get through the muck of grief, anxiety, or depression.  You might be someone struggling to support a loved one who is trying make their way in a world that isn’t designed for them.

I help bring understanding to life’s difficult challenges.  In my approach to therapy, I help bring clarity to problems that keep us stuck.  I help you find your strength and equip you with skills to manage your emotions and find a way to not just survive but thrive.

I am trained in Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Attachment Theory.  I am happy to take on clients age 10 and older.

You can find out more about me here.


Masters Degree in Counselling
Canadian Certified Counsellor

Leighton Tebay BA, MC, CCC

Counselling can help heal the emotional damage and trauma that fuels anxiety, depression, addiction and anger.  Do you have an inner critic that won’t let up, fear that won’t let go, or emotional pain you just can’t keep a lid on any more? Do you have a hard time believing you are good enough? I’m here to help people let go of the hurt and shame and get their life back.

Anxiety, depression, addiction and anger  look different in each of us but underneath it there is hurt, fear and shame.  I can help you find your own inner strength and compassion and then heal the hurt, transform the fear and release the shame.  The goal is to go beyond managing things like anxiety and anger and heal it at the source.

At the heart of my approach is IFS or Internal Family Systems.   It is a transformative approach to psychotherapy that empowers individuals to become their best selves.  IFS is a powerful and gentle approach for those who wish to recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect, and other difficult experiences.  As an evidence based approach for treating trauma and is also effective for a variety of mental health conditions.

You can find out more about me here.


Masters Degree in Counselling
Canadian Certified Counselor
IFS Therapist

What is it mean to be trauma informed?

Trauma-informed therapy understands that sometimes our negative thoughts and feelings are rooted in difficult experiences of the past that we are stored in a different way than typical memories.  Trauma becomes much like muscle memory, kind of like the way we remember how to ride a bike.  Once we learn how to ride a bike we don’t think about it, because our bodies just know what to do.  In the same way, our nervous system is trying to protect us from reliving the hurtful experiences of the past but it is still stuck in a time when life was less safe.  Because of this our nervous system is more easily activated and we react in unhelpful ways.  This can result in anxiety, depression, and overwhelming anger.

How can we stop reacting?  It isn’t easy.  If you think about it, how can you teach your body to forget how to ride a bike?  Which is why I think a lot of people have struggled in counselling blaming themselves for the lack of progress.

In the last few decades new therapies have emerged that go beyond the capability of conventional talk therapy.  IFS (Internal Family Systems) is one of the fastest growing approaches for trauma as it can effectively relieve trauma relatively quickly, effectively, and gently.  Other counselling approaches for trauma include Somatic Experiencing and EMDR.