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Sometimes when life takes a difficult turn it is hard to know what to do and who to talk to. It helps to be able to tell your story to someone who cares. With genuine warmth I provide a safe space to explore your discomfort and help relieve the burdens that you carry.  Depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions and grief are hard to overcome.  Together we can a find way forward to achieving your goals of healing and wholeness.

Sometimes finding a good fit with a counsellor takes a couple of tries.  I offer the first session for only $60 to make it easier for people see if my approach is right for them.

The journey of healing starts with a small first step!

My Approach

What does counselling or psychotherapy look like?  I will take the time to carefully listen to your story and work with you to find insight and clarity. With great care I pay attention to your existing strengths and honour the unique person you’ve become. I personalize my approach to meet the distinct needs of each client.  While no counsellor can promise results, lots of people receive relief from the negative thoughts and feelings that sap their energy and take the colour out of life.

My strongest influences include IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Narrative Therapy.  IFS seems particularly good to help people recover from trauma, make peace with their inner critic, and reconciling inner conflict.

Conveniently located in the heart of Saskatoon I am less than a block from Starbucks and the Karma Cafe.  There is a place for you and your favourite beverage in my clean, comfortable office with lots of natural light.

About me…

I am husband and father of three. For decades I supported people from all walks of life through mentoring and coaching in volunteer service. After 20 years as an I.T. Consultant I decided I wanted to work with people rather than computers for the last half of my career. I completed a Masters Degree in Counselling in spring 2020 and have been practicing since May 2019.


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You can call or text me at (306) 700-4314.

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