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Healing starts with one small step

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Affordable counselling services in Saskatoon and online

Do you have an inner critic that won’t let up, fear that won’t let go, or emotional pain you just can’t keep a lid on any more? Do you have a difficult time seeing your own innate beauty and worth? I’m here to help people get their life back, let those burdens go, and ease the fears.  Counselling can help.

With an affirming caring presence I specialize in healing trauma, resolving anxiety, and unburdening the hurts of the past. I am part of a new movement in therapy that brings new insight to how the mind works and helps people discover their compassion, courage and confidence.

Cairis Counselling Saskatoon helps clients:

  • Recover from abuse and neglect
  • Heal Trauma, PTSD and Complex PTSD
  • Let go of unhelpful fears and anxiety
  • Heal the sources of pain that fuel insecurity and depression
  • Find self-worth and inner strength
  • Anger management
  • Help navigating relationships
  • Let go of shame
  • Dealing with a loss
  • Grow in self-compassion and self-acceptance

At Cairis Counselling you’ll find a safe atmosphere where all are treated with dignity and respect.  I offer a sliding scale to make therapy affordable.

The journey of healing starts with a small step!

My Approach to Counselling

Anxiety, depression, addiction and anger problems look different in each of us but underneath it all there is hurt, fear and shame.  At Cairis the goal is to help you find your own inner strength and compassion and then heal the hurt, transform the fear and release the shame.  The focus is to go beyond managing things like anxiety and anger and heal it at the source.

At the heart of my approach is IFS or Internal Family Systems.   It is a transformative approach to psychotherapy that harmonizes and empowers individuals to become their best selves.  IFS is recognized as a powerful and gentle approach for those who wish to recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect, and other difficult experiences.  It is an evidence based approach for treating a wide variety of mental health conditions.

It’s time to find out how good life can be.

About me…

I am a husband and father of three.  Aside from my time in college I’ve lived in Saskatoon for my entire life.  For decades I supported people from all walks of life through mentoring and coaching in volunteer service.  After 20 years as a business owner I decided I wanted to work with people for the last half of my career. Helping people is one of the great joys of my life.  I started a working as counsellor in Saskatoon in 2019 to complete the requirements of my degree.  In the spring of 2020 I graduated with a Master’s degree in counselling.  I am currently Saskatchewan’s only officially trained Internal Family Systems Practitioner.   Find out more here.

How counselling helps

As we travel through life we inevitably have difficult experiences.  If we have life giving relationships that remind us that we are loved, that we matter, and that we are accepted we can manage these bumps.  But when we don’t each experience becomes another burden.  Each burden adds up.  They are like rocks in your back pack.  In the early years you can handle the extra weight, and sometimes you don’t even notice that back pack get heavier and heavier.  Maybe something really heavy hits you and the extra weight means you can’t run anymore.  You can walk, so you keep walking, but it is getting tougher.  Unfortunately the burden of carrying all those rocks makes it easier to make mistakes  that add even more rocks.

When life gets like this we can get overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, pain, numbness and fear.   People think about asking for help but they are concerned about appearing weak.  The truth is there is nothing wrong with how strong you are, the problem is the incredible weight of the burdens you carry.  Counselling helps get rid of those rocks and life gets lighter and easier.  There are some rocks that are very difficult to get rid on your own.   Doing what it takes to get rid of those rocks can be the best investment you can make because it makes most of life that much better.